From time immemorial, real estate and gold have been the safest ways for one to secure wealth. As the days have progressed and we have stepped into the modern era numerous other investment opportunities have come up. With options like fixed deposits, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and cryptocurrencies investors have multiple options to park their money. However, with the uncertainty that comes with cryptocurrencies and mutual funds and the low ROI that comes with bonds and fixed deposits, the real estate companies in Noida still remain the most beneficiary and secure avenue for investment.

When one looks for an opportunity to invest, of course, one expects some benefits. Passive income, tax breaks, and low risk are just some of the benefits that come from investing in real estate. The realty market has seen a remarkable transformation.  This transformation has made real estate a much safer option to invest in. Despite the turmoil of COVID-19, commercial real estate has shown its resilience. Furthermore, Noida has emerged as a highly lucrative space for investors looking for commercial properties to invest in.

Multiple big business houses, great start-ups, and PSUs establishing a base there has only increased the value of the commercial spaces in Noida. The city is known for its brilliant connectivity, modern infrastructure, moderate living cost, excellent educational opportunities, attractive jobs, and strong civic. These are a few of the reasons that promote the sale of commercial properties in Noida. Thus making it a prime location for the robust growth of commercial projects.

Real Estate Companies in Noida |  Commercial Properties in Noida
Real Estate Companies in Noida

Factors that make Noida a hub of Commercial Real Estate

Prime Location

As talked about earlier, the brilliant connectivity, modern infrastructure, the presence of multiple big business houses, etc. make Noida a primary location for commercial properties. But not just that, but they also increase the value of the real estate. The value of any property is a combination of the operational cost and the income produced by the property. The value of commercial office spaces in Delhi NCR will keep increasing year after year. Nonetheless, it is advised to invest in commercial spaces located in the prime. Projects in primary locations like Alphathum by Bhutani Infra in Noida located just off the Yamuna Expressway provide excellent connectivity to avail the benefit of huge human traffic.

One Time Investment

When investing in real estate it is imperative to make sure for the maintenance to be a viable saving measure. One of the greatest advantages of investing in a commercial space in Noida is that you only have to invest once. There will not be any further investments. Furthermore, the cost of maintenance in commercial properties will be way lesser than any long-term investment. Commercial spaces can typically be leased out for 4-20 years. This gives the added benefit of a secured investment.

Market Demand

High footfall increases the benefits of commercial properties as it boosts returns and reduces the chances of vacancies. Therefore investing in commercial projects that are located in the vicinity of high human-traffic business spaces is imperative. Noida stands out as a densely populated area, with a strong residential presence. Investing in retail shops in Noida will get you a secure source of income along with high returns. Furthermore, investment in any commercial property has a low amount of risk as compared to a residential property or any long-term investment.

Furthermore, with the completion of the mass vaccination drive and minimal spread of the infection, confidence in office spaces is high and will gradually keep increasing. According to a joint report by colliers and Qdesq the office space absorption will cross 60 million sq ft in metro and non-metro cities by 2023. With the culture of Work from Home fading and the demand for office spaces in Noida consistently increasing, investing in office and coworking spaces at prime locations such as Cyberthum by Bhutani Group in Noida, sector 140 would be a wise call.

Track Expenses Easily

Investment in commercial real estate is easy to verify or keep a track of both, the expenses and income. Investing in commercial retail shops in malls in Noida is the best foot forward. By investing in a commercial space one can keep a check on the lease and the possible amount of revenue that might be collectible from the business. Again, location is the key.

Tax Benefits

There are numerous tax benefits that can be availed by investing in a commercial property in Noida. According to Section 24 of the Income Tax Act, 1961, commercial property owners who have acquired a loan to buy, repair, construct, or reconstruct it can avail of a tax deduction of ₹ 2 lahks on the interest component repaid via EMI.

High ROI of Commercial Real Estate

It is not a surprise that investment in commercial spaces can yield a high return on investment. Investing in a good commercial property in Noida can give rentals to about 8% -12% of the investment. ROI in commercial properties surpasses the inflation rate, offering real profits. Furthermore, the process of investment in commercial real estate is also quite streamlined.