Maximise your space and organisation with built in wardrobes. From stylish shoe racks to optimised methods for visibility, this guide takes the stress out of organising your wardrobe as efficiently as possible.

Finishing touches – adding in mirrors, handles and decorations

Add some accessories such as decorations, handles and mirrors to finish off your built in wardrobes. This can be an easy way to add a touch of your personality to the wardrobe. Mirrors are great for giving the illusion of more space, while handles and hooks can make things easier to open and close. Decorations such as paintings or photos are also good additions – they not only make the wardrobe look inviting but can also be a visual reminder of what is inside.

Measure the Internal Space of Your Wardrobes

Before customising your wardrobes for maximum storage solutions, measuring the internal space is essential. This gives you an idea of what accessories and items will most easily fit inside, as well as gives you measurements for creating customised shelving and drawers. Remember to consider each component’s depth to avoid overcrowding the space or leaving gaps. Once all measurements have been taken, you can start customising your built in wardrobes!

Hinged Fitted Wardrobe in Concrete Sheen in Stanmore
Hinged Fitted Wardrobe in Concrete Sheen in Stanmore

Get Organised with Drawer Dividers and Shelves

Drawer dividers are essential for staying organised and ensuring your small items stay visible within the depths of large drawers. Easily customisable to fit the size and shape of drawers, these prevent clothing from scrunched up and compressed at the bottom. Additionally, wardrobe storage it’s essential to use any shelves as they provide extra space above and below hanging items like coats or dresses. Install broad shelves beneath hanging clothes to store handbags, suitcases or baskets with smaller items inside.

Add Extra Shoe Racks for Maximum Storage Efficiency

Install extra racks to ensure your shoes don’t take up valuable floor space. Multi-functional shoe racks can help keep your wardrobe’s floors visible whilst adding more storage for your collection. From slimline under-shelf shoe holders to stackable shelving units, there is an internal storage solution to suit any wardrobe. Read out our blog things to know before ordering your fitted built-in wardrobes. Additionally, measured corner racks can maximise unused corners in small wardrobes or cupboards. Customise these by adjusting the number and size of shelves as necessary!

Install Hanging Rods and Hooks to Hang Clothes and Accessories

Hanging rods offer an efficient and compact wardrobe storage solution for clothes such as skirts and suits that are best kept off the floor to reduce dust. Additional hooks installed on cabinetry doors can hold lightweight items such as scarves, jewellery or hats. Place these at different heights to add further customisation. Make sure you have plenty of hanging space for longer items like dresses or coats.