Limited closet space got you down? Get the storage you need and make the most of your area with fitted wardrobes. From maximizing your existing space to finding the right blend of style and functionality, here’s a guide to help you choose the perfect Fitted Wardrobes for your home.

Measure Your Space Carefully

Before you choose the perfect wardrobe for your home, make sure to measure your space accurately. Proper measurements will help ensure that you choose the right size wardrobe without producing furniture that’s too big or too small. Measure from floor to ceiling, wall to wall and even if there is a sloping cap or an uneven ground. Also, bear in mind any extra factors that could potentially limit the size of the wardrobe such as doorways and windows.

Hinged Wardrobe With Open Shelf in White Levanto Marble High Gloss Finish
Hinged Wardrobe With Open Shelf in White Levanto Marble High Gloss Finish

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Fitted wardrobes are perfect for making the most out of any home space. Our comprehensive guide will help you measure your available area effectively to get the perfect wardrobe you have been dreaming of. Learn more about our key tips to ensure that you pick the right size wardrobe to avoid any hassle or unexpected surprises in the future.


– Comprehensive Measurement Guide
– Tips on How to Choose the Right Sized Wardrobe
– Advice on Areas That Can Affect the Size of Furniture


– Get a better understanding and visualisation of what kind of wardrobe is suitable for your home’s dimensions.
– Avoid selecting furniture that isn’t suitable, saving money and avoiding any hassles.
– Create beautiful, stylish and bespoke fitted wardrobes with maximum storage capacity in mind.