Are you looking for the perfect corner wardrobe for your home? This guide will provide helpful advice on picking out the best size, colour, and design to ensure you get the most out of your piece.

Measure the Corner Space Available

Before you purchase any corner wardrobe for your home, it’s essential to measure the size of the space available in the corner. This will help determine what size wardrobe will fit comfortably and aesthetically appealing. Pay attention to all the measurements – width, depth, and height – to ensure it fits perfectly. Additionally, ensure there is enough room to open and close your doors when deciding which one to choose.

Choose the Number of Shelves or Drawers

The number of shelves and drawers you choose for your corner wardrobe is based on your personal storage needs. Ask yourself what purpose you need from this piece to meet your individual needs (for clothing, shoes, linen). Consider including double-hanging rails for coats and trousers, depending on the wardrobe size. Determine how many internal shelves or drawers you need; how deep would each need to be? Consider how much space will be needed for bulkier items like jackets or sweaters, so drawers are also a great option.

Corner Sliding Wardrobe Storage Set
Corner Sliding Wardrobe Storage Set

Look for Craftsmanship and Durability in Materials

When choosing a corner wardrobe, don’t just settle for looks alone. Make sure to check the quality of the materials. How is the wardrobe constructed? Is it sturdy and well-built from quality materials, or will you be replacing it down the line? Look for craftsmanship in timber components with the joints screwed, dowelled and glued together for maximum stability. A robust corner wardrobe will have both strength and durability in its construction.

Consider your Needs and Personal Style

After you’ve measured your space and determined the correct size corner hinged wardrobes for master bedrooms, it’s time to consider your needs and personal style. First, consider what type of storage you need (for clothing, shoes, linen). Next, how do you want this piece to look about the rest of your interior design? Regarding colours and textures, would you prefer neutral or bright colours that will be a conversation piece? Finally, do you want your room to look modern or classic? Answering these questions will help you select the right corner wardrobe for your home.

Compare Coupled vs Wall-Mounted Versions

When choosing a corner wardrobe, two main options come into play; coupled and wall-mounted. Coupling is used when two wardrobes are placed together at 45 degrees to form an angled corner wardrobe, whereas wall-mounted refers to a single wardrobe cabinet hung directly onto the wall in the corner of a room. Each setup has its practical uses. Whereas the coupled option provides maximum storage, the wall-mounted version takes up less floor space and can be easier to access due to drawers mounted at hip level.