13 Jul 2024

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Status of Patents that have been Filed / Granted in the Large Volume Wearable Injectors Domain related to Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Industry 

With the increase in popularity of self-injection devices, several industry stakeholders have attempted to innovate the devices by incorporating advanced features to improve patient compliance and ensure accurate dosing. The ongoing R&D activity in this domain has led to a significant increase in the number…


The bitcoin prime Diaries 

Bitcode Prime Experience Would you next gone to receive instruction that allows you to recognise the publicize executive in time? We have a fine opportunity for you, thanks to the latest and most open-minded technologies and algorithms, this is now doable for you. all you…


The Increasing Traction in the Field of Large Volume Wearable Injectors is Reflected in the Partnership Activity Focused on the delivery of both insulin and non-insulin drugs, Involving Stakeholders across the world 

Stakeholders in the pharmaceutical and medical-device development industry are known to adopt a variety of partnership models to collaborate with other companies / organizations. Such deals are inked to not only allow companies to expand their respective product / service portfolios, but also gain additional…