29 Feb 2024

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Top Online Punjabi News 2022 

Newspapers can be described as one of the oldest ways of print media communication. It is not only a means of information but, it also equips readers with gainful knowledge pertaining to education, entertainment, health, lifestyle, finance, and real estate. Not to forget, it also…

News, Politics

Biden says midterm vote was 

In his first speech since polls closed around the country Tuesday night, President Joe Biden called out detractors who he said doubted his “incessant optimism” about Democrats’ ability to stave off resounding Republican wins in the midterm elections – even as his presidency is now…


North Korea fires two ballistic missiles 

North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles from the Munchon area of Kangwon Province to the waters off the peninsula’s eastern coast, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff told reporters on Sunday. The missiles were launched between 1:47 a.m. and 1:53 a.m. local time Sunday,…


How To Tell If You Can Choose Politic For Career 

Politicians are persons active in party politics, and they engage in the civil administration of a state or nation. These representatives play a significant role in formatting and implementing laws to impose regulations through specific governments. You wonder if perseverance, experience, or stubbornness make some…